Soon here!

Make yourself at home on Paxos!

Endless sea views, enchanting atmosphere, Zoe offers sea, sun, stone, blue sky and uncountable stars at night. 

Yes, holidays, this is what Zoe is just made for, for you.

Zoe Holiday Home, one of the oldest traditional stone houses on Paxos, over the last three hundred years, has always been a home not just a house.

"ΖΩΗ" means "life" in Greek and just as life, Zoe has no perfection. It is just harmonious, charming, sometimes even fascinating. We warn you, some people say you become easily addicted to it. 

From above, captivating, always changing, sea views follow the rhythm of seasons. All around, landscaped terraced gardens will blossom, flower and fructify when time comes. Olives, citrus, figs, grapes, goji berries, herbs and other fruit in turns will come to your table.

You may love to deep into the beauty of this retreat over the open bay of Achai and its blue caves and make it yours! At night, in the sound of silence, you may hear Poseidon and Amphitrite lovingly whispering to each other.

As for now, Zoe can welcome a family of 6 including one baby. It is also perfect for honeymooners or one or two couples looking for their privacy. Outside, Zoe invites her guests to stroll around her gardens, simply relax lying under the olive tree shade by her heated/cooled pool according to temperature. Cooking and dining in different places in the garden, contemplating sea dances, looking for dolphins when the sea is calm, playing... Nature is around, pure life!

Come, sense, taste and discover Paxos from Zoe! Be one with it, feel at home. Unique moments are to be shared, that's what a holiday is all made of!


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